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Cinnamon Whiskey Mocktail Recipes

Here's some recipes with our alcohol free Cinnamon Whiskey


Cinnamon and Spice Egg Nog

Fill a glass with egg nog, top with a shot of Escape Mocktails Cinnamon Whiskey and Spiced Rum liqueur.

Holiday Sangria Mocktail - Cranberry and Orange Mocktail

Mix a bottle of Fre Merlot, cranberry juice, Escape Mocktails Orange Cognac (3-4 shots), Escape Mocktails Cinnamon Whiskey, add Cranberry sparkling water, cherries, orange, and cranberries.  For extra sweetness, add in honey or agave.  


No Boos Punch 

I was lucky enough to get one of these coveted ghost mugs from Target last year. My sister actually drove to the next town to get us one. 

This year, I thought I’d make a mocktail with it. Here’s how I made it: 

Spiced Chai tea (got mine from Trader Joe’s) 

1/4 cup cranberry juice 

1 shot Escape, alcohol free Cinnamon Whiskey 

1 shot Escape, alcohol free Orange Cognac 


Serve warm and enjoy this warm mocktail on the cold night of Halloween. 👻


Sparkling Apple Cinnamon Mocktail

Sparkling Apple Cider

1 shot of Escape Mocktails Cinnamon Whiskey

Grab your pretty glass and add some sparkling apple juice and our Escape Mocktails Cinnamon Whiskey. Top it with an apple slice for a touch of fall.

Sparkling Apple Mocktail


Apple Ginger Mocktail

I love Reed’s Ginger Beer with 0 sugar. It’s my go to drink and it pairs well with a lot of our mocktails.  

Pour 3/4 of a glass with Reed’s Ginger Beer

Add 1-2 shots of Cinnamon Whiskey

Apple Ginger Mocktail


Peachy Cinnamon Twist Mocktail

Country Peach Juice, from Trader Joe’s *

Shot or 2 of our Escape Mocktails, Cinnamon Whiskey (depends on how much cinnamon spice you like)


Country Peach Juice is made up of pineapple, mango, peach, apple, grape, and pear juice.

Ginger Cinnamon Twist Mocktail


California Sweet Tea



Peach tea

Shot of Escape Mocktails, alcohol free Cinnamon Whiskey

Fresh mint

Brew a cup of peach tea. 

It was peach tea, with a shot of our alcohol free Cinnamon Whisky, and mint from my garden. It looks like a drink, tastes like a drink, but it wasn’t a drink with alcohol.


Sangria Mocktail

Above are the ingredients that were used in our Sangria Mocktail.


Escape Mocktails, alcohol free Cinnamon Whiskey

Escape Mocktails, alcohol free Cognac

Cranberry juice

Sparkling orange water

FRE, alcohol free wine

Fruit slices

Fill a pitched with a half bottle of alcohol free wine, add in 3 shots of Cognac and 2 shots of Cinnamon Whiskey, top with sparkling water and add in fruit slices. 


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