Orange Cognac Non-Alcoholic Recipes

Orange Cognac Non-Alcoholic Recipes

Holiday Sangria Mocktail - Cinnamon and Orange Sangria

Mix a bottle of Fre Merlot, cranberry juice, Escape Mocktails Orange Cognac (3-4 shots), Escape Mocktails Cinnamon Whiskey, add Cranberry sparkling water, cherries, orange, and cranberries.  For extra sweetness, add in honey or agave.  

Pomo Orange

I poured half a glass of pomegranate juice into a glass, topped it with 2 shots of our Escape Mocktails Orange Cognac non-alcoholic liqueur, added a squeeze of orange and dash of agave for sweetness.

Black Friday

No hangovers here, just pure shopping!

I took some orange sparkling water, added in a shot of non-alcoholic Orange Cognac and a shot of alcohol free Sambuca.  Then, I took to the ads!


No Boos Punch 

I was lucky enough to get one of these coveted ghost mugs from Target last year. My sister actually drove to the next town to get us one. 

This year, I thought I’d make a mocktail with it. Here’s how I made it: 

Spiced Chai tea (got mine from Trader Joe’s) 

1/4 cup cranberry juice 

1 shot Escape, non-alcoholic Cinnamon Whiskey 

1 shot Escape, non-alcoholic Orange Cognac 


Serve warm and enjoy this warm mocktail on the cold night of Halloween. 👻

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