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Thanksgiving Holiday Mocktails

Thanksgiving Holiday Mocktails -

I’m planning out my Thanksgiving and thought it would be fun to include some Thanksgiving holiday mocktails for the festivities. 

Normally, our drink of choice would be wine. But, this year things are a little different this year and I’m wanting to have a mocktail as my drink of choice. 

Cranberries and sweet potatoes are two very popular things people eat for Thanksgiving. 

A lot of our Thanksgiving holiday mocktails include these two side dish, but in more of a liquid form. Our Escape, non alcoholic, Sweet Potato Vodka is perfect for Thanksgiving holiday mocktails and mixers well with other drink ingredients. 

Sweet Potato Vodka Mocktails

If you love sweet potatoes, our non alcoholic sweet potato vodka is your go to drink. 

The non alcoholic sweet potato vodka can be enjoyed chilled, right out of the refrigerator, and poured into a shot glass. Or, mix the non alcoholic sweet potato vodka with other mixers like orange juice and cranberry juice for our Thankful Punch. If you are more of a gal who likes sweet potato pie, try our Sweet Potato Pie Mocktail served up in a mason jar which makes me feel like I need to sip this drink on the front porch after Thanksgiving dinner.


Thanksgiving Punch Mocktail 

This Thanksgiving holiday mocktail is more a refreshing drink with a hint of spice. 

- Apple cider (we love getting ours from our local apple farm) 

- Cranberry juice 

- Orange juice 

- Escape non alcoholic Sweet Potato Vodka

- Escape non alcoholic Cinnamon Whisky (if you are a cinnamon and spice gal) 

Sweet Potato Pie Martini 

- Spoonful of cooked and mashed up sweet potato 

- Shot of Escape non alcoholic Sweet Potato Vodka 

- Milk, cream or coconut milk 

- Vanilla extract or vanilla syrup for sweetness 

- Brown sugar dusted on the rim 


Apple Cinnamon Old Fashion 

- 4 oz Escape non alcoholic Old Fashion 

- 1 shot Escape cinnamon whisky 

- Splash apple cider 


Mulled Mocktail 

Our non alcoholic version of mulled wine 

- Shot Escape non alcoholic Cognac 

- Fresh orange juice 

- Cranberry juice 

- Mulling spice 

- Splash cinnamon whisky (if you love cinnamon) 

Mix the mulling spice with the juices and heat on the stove. Pour into a pretty glass and top with non alcoholic Cognac and non alcoholic Cinnamon Whisky. Serve warm 


Pomegranate Margarita 

- 4 oz of Escape non alcoholic Cadillac Margarita 

- Shot of Escape non alcoholic Tequila

- Top it off with pomegranate juice 


Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

- Shot of Escape non alcoholic Cinnamon Whisky

- Dash of cinnamon 

- Splash of vanilla or vanilla creamer 

- Coconut milk (if you are a fan of coconut…I am!)

- Top it off with cream or milk 


Scotch and Cinnamon Sour 

- Shot of Escape non alcoholic Scotch

- Shot of Escape non alcoholic Whisky

- Lemon juice 

- Orange juice 

- Topped off with a cherry 


 Thanksgiving Holiday Thoughts

I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner and have my favorites that I make each year. 


Here they are: 

 Cornbread stuffing with sausage 

 Broccoli and creamed corn casserole 

 Fancy green bean casserole (roasted veggies, cream cheese, and sweet onion topping) 


Our turkey tradition is smoking it in the smoker. It comes our so juicy! This year my sister has the honor of the turkey. 


This year we continued our tradition of doing a thankful tree. It’s nice to share with my daughter things that we are thankful for. 


I’m off to do some early Thanksgiving shopping at the Farmer’s Market today. Then back to the kitchen to make more mocktails. 

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