Top Sellers

We always get asked, what our top sellers are.  

We now have a variety pack with our top sellers in them! Choose from our non-alcoholic Cinnamon Fire Whiskey, Cognac, and Spiced Rum.

Here’s what others are saying:

Cinnamon Fire Whiskey - Paul says,”If you like Fireball whiskey you will love this nonalcoholic version. It tastes just like Fireball. Enough said!!!!!!!!! Can't stop ordering it!!”


Cognac - Joseph says,”Wonderful beverage that tastes just like the real, alcoholic cognac, including the aftertaste and the slight after burn. I would recommend this beverage to alcoholic and non-alcoholic Cognac drinkers.


Spiced Rum - Charles says, “I have tried several 0 alcohol rums and each one was a disappointment.

 But the spiced rum From escapeWas a nice surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed it both straight up and in mixed drinks. I will be ordering again very soon.”


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